The Spartans Volleyball Club is a competitive club for boys and girls, ages 18 and under. It was founded, as the Tommies Volleyball Club, with a philosophy of providing quality physical and personal development for multi-sport athletes. The club’s objectives are to provide well-organised programs with certified coaches dedicated to achieving a competitive balance on the local, provincial and national level. Athletes will not only learn about the game of volleyball but the commitment required for attaining and maintaining this elite level.

Our Goals
1. Provide recreational programs to help instill a love of the game and to foster the growth and development of our competitive volleyball programs.
2. Establish quality indoor competitive volleyball teams for the 13u to 18u age divisions to develop a solid foundation of fundamental and technical skills.
3. Establish quality beach volleyball programs to strengthen fundamental and technical skills, particularly first contact.
4. Establish a club standard that encourages all high performance teams to compete at the provincial and national level.
5. Establish a strong technical pool of coaches by providing ongoing coaching development, certification and mentorship opportunities for new coaches. 
6. Encourage participation of multi-sport athletes by developing schedules and policies that are amendable to those with additional athletic commitments. 
7. Establish a well-organized club structure that encourages volunteers of all ages and abilities. This involves a strong executive committee and Board of Directors to govern the operations of the club according to its constitution and by-laws.